capitalism is good, people who drive it make it bad.

I love the idea of business and what it can do for a country, for a person. I believe capitalism is good. It’s intent is what is misused. I believe that Foreign Direct Investment is good if it comes in infrastructure, education, in areas that can create manufacturing activity. I believe FDI in retail is a death knell for 5-7 crore people in India and many will be driven to mass unemployment and suicides, if they are not reskilled or an alternative source of employment is not found for them. I don’t believe in subsidies for perpetuity except to tide an industry or people or group of people over their current problems.

I believe in investing in tools and technology and ideology that helps individuals become economically independent. I believe in a socialist form of governance to get a deprived section of our society out of its deprivation. But even then, the recipients need to be encouraged to stand on their own two feet and slowly move out of doles, subsidies or whatever you may wish to call it.

I believe in using technology to build transparency in governance not to create more layers of bureaucracy and as a tool to keep people in control. A country like India with a vast population being poor and uneducated, needs someone like a parent that will teach it to stand on its own two feet. I come back to that single decision making power that can move things quickly. Collusion based and coalition based governance cannot function and cannot take this country to the greatness that it can go to.

I believe that capitalism used in the right way can help us own patents, create better companies than Infosys, create an environment for creativity and thought leaders. We can build a better India when young India is independent, educated and evolved. This needs zeal and spirit. And nothing builds more zeal than the power to grow, to build, to become entrepreneurial whether it be for self or to create things that our country can use.

how do you know if the candidate is lying about his experience?

One of the crucial things, that a business head has to do, is recruit. Sometimes, nearly 30-40% of his or her time, is spent on human resources related matters. And out of this, recruiting people takes up a significant chunk of time.

So if you lead a business, you would need to hire people who can independently carry out the tasks assigned to them. A primary tool to gauge this is the experience  the candidate has. An impressively written resume feels great to read. But how do you know what’s real and what’s not? One way.

Check on their ability to solve problems? And that too problem solving on multiple levels. The best way to know if someone has done what they claim to have done is to ask them about the problems they faced.

Those who have really done all the things that they have written about, would have faced truckloads of problems, issues. And these folks will be able to rattle it off in one breath. Like a superfast express. They will tell you precisely what the issues were, like dots on a map and how they tackled it, connected the dots and reached the goal post.

Those who have trouble sharing this, they could 1) feel, its a sign of weakness to share that he or she faced problems 2) really did not do what they claim to have done. Either way, you need to use some other metrics to check if his experiences are real.

only you know what you should do!

Be like a watch. No matter what you tell those sticks inside it, it keeps going tick, tick, tick. You can wail, whine, get mad, do anything, it just does not stop. It stubbornly does what it’s born to do. Keep ticking. Keep doing what it’s been created to do. It does not think, analyse, discuss, debate, question itself. It keeps at it. Be like that. Only you know what you should be doing.

love you till i need you

Do people in your life have an agenda? Sure. Do they keep you in their lives for a specific reason? Sure. Do they do this deliberately? Yes and no. Sometimes it’s what they have learnt to do. What they themselves have gone through. Sometimes they just do things unconsciously, because it’s their nature to do stupid shit to other people.

You on the other hand, become a fly in someone else’s emotional web.  People will tell you about their nature and who they really are much in advance. They will give you little signs, about their true nature, many many times. But one does not listen to or acknowledges those signs and writes it down to – he or she does not mean that. These are little warnings that people don’t heed for the fear of thinking bad about the other person. How can this person be like this, your mind tells you. And you put it down to something you mis-interpreted.

And when you don’t heed the little warning signs, you find yourself at the end of some complex emotional bricks yourself. Hurtling towards you and giving you no time to duck. You question yourself, how did this happen? And the answer is. It was happening every time and you did not pay attention.  Perhaps because of your own insecurities of losing someone,  that you don’t call on their incorrect behaviour. The fear of being alone many a times is the trouble maker.

What happens to us and what company we keep is also a reflection of our inner state. And that’s why it’s very important to internalise, be quiet and delete all the noise making things and people around you. It will help in focussing on things that are right for you.


He thought his wife Mehrunima was a common obedient homemaker. So he tried to change her to suit his sensibilities of what his wife should be like. And when the change did not happen, he left her. She married again. And the second marriage gave birth to Madhur Jaffrey. The common housewife became a famous chef.

The difference between  the two husbands was very simple. Her second husband, enjoyed her the way she was. He did not try to change her. And I guess, his acceptance of who she was, made her more confident. While he, perhaps would have completely discounted her skills.  If someone would have told him, your wife is a great cook, he would have gone – eh, so what!

This thing of acceptance, is what gave birth to the chef. You don’t love people for what they can do for you, you love them for who they are – whatever they are. Genuine love does not try to change the other. It only seeks to free the other to pursue whatever he or she wants and encourages the other to excel in their space.

It’s a very difficult state to be in, to love someone exactly for who they are, no exclusions, no clauses but an unbelievably freeing state to be in.

About Me

I am a working entrepreneur. This is a personal blog-work-in-progress and a means to put words to my thoughts. Unless stated otherwise, all content is authored by me.

I have been in the corporate world and on my own for the last 15 years. I specialise in developing ideas and building business ecosystems for commercialising those ideas. My work is highly creative, strategy and operationally intensive. I work across industries and domains. And this perhaps gives a different, sometimes harsh, sometime completely crazy perspective on things, the way most of us think and delude ourselves on so many levels.

I love to write poetry, learn urdu, do life photography and bazillion other things. I do. Therefore I write. Hope you find something to take away from here. Stay connected!