Critique not criticise

All bosses shouMC2015_M01_900x506ld see Masterchef Australia. It’s a fantastic lesson in how to critique a person publicly without humiliating him and still build his confidence. the hosts Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston, have a fantastic way to communicate flaws, mistakes that the contestants make when cooking, their recipe, their thought process and the final product. Unlike the show’s USA counterpart, where the judges are extremely aggressive, the contestants are made to feel small. And the audience cringe as well when the judges bark their displeasure. It’s a show, scripted, put on. But in the Australian one you feel good, in the USA version you cringe. Even though the show is scripted, you can’t break someone’s spirit to make him perform better. Simple principle, applies very well in the corporate world as well.

You want to correct someone publicly, do so with logic and reason. Not to put him down or show your authority. Unless, power play is your objective. All business heads need people to stay with them for atleast 2-3 years. It takes away the hassle of training someone new etc. Learn to use the right words when offering a differential point of view. Simple things – You are wrong can be replaced with Can ‘we’ do this better or another way or lets be more careful. Soft words ‘can’ convey the same idea as harsh and loud words. And the person’s self respect is maintained.


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