Watching Chakravyuh, makes me pause and take a breather. Is India the super power a reality or a myth created, an asset created for few to encash on? Beyond the metros and mini metros, does the super power India truly exist? I am so hoping that we do.

Watching Chakravyuh, surprisingly, has made my faith stronger, that the Indian governing system is far closer to democracy than we think. A movie like this which openly shows the political status quo would not have been released had we been any thing other that democratic or to be more conservative a 50% democratic nation or a developing democracy.

Chakravyuh was a welcome change from the usual bollywood movie. Although not so sharp, it does leave you thinking. The script had few gaps. Abhay Deol’s character did not have the zing that his earlier roles had. It was not tightly crafted. Most importantly, his transition from an urban boy to a brutal naxalite was missing. This was the core. Not in terms of the blood and gore, but the angst. It did not come through.


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