Merry Christmas!

Christmas = LOVE. A Universal feeling that knows no religion nor caste nor financial status or your sexual preferences or the species that you belong to. The feeling that HE had for the people HE loved. A time to share, a celebration of the Holy feeling of absolute and unconditional love that you should have for the people that you claim to love. A time to break down, all the crap that is going on in your life and burn it to hell with all the might you have. HE showed what love is. Saying I LOVE YOU alone, has no meaning. I love you is love in action. I love you despite your flaws for I can’t see any. I will fight to do what is right by you and right for you, at the cost of being the bad guy in your eyes. That is LOVE. SACRIFICE your need to be good in the eyes of the people you love, so that they can be better, live better, do better. THAT is love. So for all you people celebrating this wonderful day to come, a very happy and joyful Christmas. May you all bless and celebrate your lives that way you celebrate HIS. May you all love freely as HE did. And May you all live your lives the way HE did.#Merrychristmas #Love #Jesus


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