Legacy Of The Prophet: Despots, Democrats, And The New Politics Of Islam – Anthony Shadid

“The book provides wonderful insight into the growth of fundamental Islam. And what kind of support it has in countries that it is practiced in. While many of the Islamic nations are blessed with oil, minerals etc, the advantages, in many cases do not reach the bottom of the pyramid so to speak. This disconnect is captured on many of the pages. And in many instances the politics of religion is similar to that practiced in non-Islamic nations. While the brutality of the devout fundamentalist is visible to all, rarely do we get to see what ill effects it has had on the common people living in Muslim countries and their every day life. I got a glimpse of this in the book. It’s a tough burden for Muslims all over the world to carry, when your religion is accused of not being fair or secular and at an extreme, supporting and creating ‘the terrorist’. For all of us who wish to understand or at least make an effort to understand the why’s and whats of Islam, those who practice it and its role in global terrorism, the book is a good start. “


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