Where’s my cheese?

 The fun part about eating a pizza for many of us is the cheese. Actually, let me rephrase. The fun IS the cheese. Gooey, salty, stringy, overflowing dairy heaven.

Imagine to my surprise when I ordered one pizza with Dominoes, I get picture 1 (Top). I had a slice and I thought  it tasted like, hmmm, buttery bread with veges. Maybe it’s just me. Then I hear my family barking at me. What have I ordered? Bread and veges?

So I called the central number on the box. I explained the situation and I was guided back to the store  that made the delivery. A woman came on the line. I explained the situation to her again. This is the response,

“Madam, we make pizzas like that only”.

Like that only ? Without the cheese? I tell her that I can come to the store with what’s remaining and she can see for herself what they had sent. I got a sorry, can’t help you.

So I called the number again. I explain the situation. This time I am a little upset with the callous response. The person on the other end reconnects me back to the store.  I ask him what’s the point in connecting me back to the store and can he not do something about it? He says his job is just to route calls (another post). So here I get reconnected again to the store. This time the manager comes on line. I go through the whole thing again. This is what he had to say.

“Leave the pizza. I will send you a fresh one”

I wait for 10 minutes and I get picture 2 (Bottom). Now, can you see the difference? You can ‘see’ the cheese. I was happy.

My point is this. Could this have been done in the first place? The core ingredient in picture 1 is missing. Where is it?  Does one get cheese on the pizza, only when one complains? How many of us do complain. Who has the time and energy to go through a helpline. Generally we would just say, chuck it. I almost did.

The ‘Khushiyon Ki Home Delivery’ tag has to be that. The happiness is in the cheese. No cheese no happiness.  No Dominoes.


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