increase pay for school teachers

In 2015 nearly 15 lakh students appeared for the Maharashtra State Board for Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) exams.

If we take 10% of the children going to coaching classes like one in the image, they would have spent perhaps Re 25,000 for the tuition fees. And I think this would be completely off the mark and low figure. But even then, coaching classes would have made 150000*25000=Re 375 crores that year. With the level of competition to get into best colleges and universities, this number could be much higher.

Imagine the colossal losses that are happening. Some teachers who teach in coaching classes also teach in schools. So they get paid by the school. Which indirectly the government and parents pay. And again parents pay a second time around for coaching fees. So parents pay twice. Double expenditure for same learning.

So why do parents do this? The high fees they pay to these classes, allows the classes to hire better qualified teachers. And also the high fees subsidizes the scholarships in crores like one in the image. Ask  the parents to not pay the coaching classes and pay the school instead to improve the quality of teaching? There will be war. Because they don’t trust the teaching quality.

Now imagine, if the school system would create teachers such that coaching classes would not be required? If the government can launch a program that can super skill the teachers, and offer higher pay to them, perhaps in time the quality of education will improve and then dependence on coaching classes reduce.

Perhaps for year 1-2-3 of the program the government may need to bear the cost of training and increased salaries. But with a superior quality teaching, parents would be open to paying hire fees in year 4 onwards which could take care of training costs and finally switch from coaching classes to school based learning.

In all of this, the winner is the child, who shuttles between school and the coaching classes. Its all work no play. No childhood.

Its not just creating an education policy, but also evaluating the cost of education and improving the quality of education delivered at that cost that is important. The HRD Ministry, needs to look at the huge economic losses that the country is dealing with because of low quality education delivered by the school systems.


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