beyond the flesh

ele kidI can see a mum looking sternly at her kid who is muddling about in the mud, throwing a tantrum. (Picture Source : Internet). Can you see it too? Can you hear her saying – “Stop it or I am gonna whack you silly”.

If you can look past the physical appearance, you ‘could’ see two people, not animals, in the picture. “Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened”, said Anatole France

When I say people, I don’t mean it in the literal sense. You know when you see a strange person and you feel that they would be kind soul. It’s the same feeling, that when you see an animal sometimes, you don’t see his or her body. But a spiritual being.

Some time back, I met a 14 year old great dane, Simba, and she was old, had cataract and ill. I had seen her before twice. This time when I saw her, she looked to me like an old person who was ill.

Until you have loved an animal, you cannot see people beyond their bodies and their physical perimeters. When you start seeing animals as you would people, I guess you really start seeing people beyond their physical bodies

So when I see strays now, I see beings, not dogs. I think our ability to see a different species as if they are from your own, allows us to see our own differently. Physical bodies don’t matter. We connect then spiritually like we have our own personal direct line to them even sometimes when they are not physically like you or with you.


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