Feed your people

Hungry stomachs don’t work! Providing for a good pantry in the company does not just make a humane thing to do but good business sense.

Many of us get food from home to our place of work. Then there are those who don’t. And this number is a large one. Imagine a huge chunk of your workforce going out of the work place every day to eat food, go out for tea as the company tea sucks. We love our tea breaks. It’s an effort, its expensive, its time consuming. It’s massive waste of time.

Companies need to figure out to provide this basic amenity to employees. The loss due to bad food, unavailable food cannot be quantified immediately. But it does indirectly influence productivity.

Fed people are happy people. Ask Google. But you don’t have to compete with Google. One of my employers provided us with food cooked inhouse made by an inhouse cook. It was hygienic, was varied at times, economical. But the most important thing. I did not have to lug food from home. Especially when travelling in Mumbai trains, carrying that extra weight is always difficult. So having food at my workplace was helpful.

You may think that providing or subsidizing food to your team will be an added expenditure. But the payoff is huge. When you take care of your employees, they will take care of you.


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