Friends for a healthy heart

The organisation is place that can eat you alive and spit you out like you are puke. No explanations, no logic, no emotion. That is the horrible part. The beauty is that sometimes it allows you to excel beyond your wildest imagination. She takes care of you, feeds your ultimate desires, makes you famous and becomes your cash cow. We all strive to meet the latter. Many of us do. Many of us also meet the horror. And when we do meet her, the only thing that can help us tolerate her is our support system – friends, family, well wishers. If you have not met the iron lady, you will at some point. And then you will need shoulders to cry on, lots of shoulders.

So when you decide to keep this support system at the bottom of your priorities, you are in one word – screwed. Remember this when you decide to chuck your family and friends for work or don’t make it to their birthdays and other happy days. Or when you don’t have time to have fun with those who love you.

Your friends and family is your only one true asset. Your link to sanity and an acid free stomach. They will keep your heart running smoothly. Learn to get together with those who like you for who you are and not what title you have or what car you drive. Hang on to them with dear life. If you are tired, shake it off. Figure a way out to keep them in your life. Sometime you will have to literally fight the world to be with them. So fight!

Sure this is a cliché of a post. But life is better when you get together with friends just to talk junk and nonsense and sometimes a little heart talk. No world politics or the environment. Just silly stupid talk that makes you laugh and remember that there is a better life for you. That all your heartache will pass. That things will get better.

So next time when a friend calls you to get together. Go! Take a break.


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