back the idea not the person!

When you back a person, you are stuck defending him, no matter what shit he pulls. When you back an idea the person has, you become loyal to the idea/the cause. It then becomes immaterial what the person does, and you remain free to critique him on all his choices. Pull his pants down so to speak, freely, and without any malice.

Majority of social media actors back the person rather than the cause, so most of the dialogue one sees is almost always personal. It’s never about ‘what’ is being said, rather than who is saying it. It does not matter, that an ass you hate could be right !. It does no good for the cause, because that becomes secondary. It becomes more important, then, to justify every crappy thing the person you champion, does, to the detriment of the cause.

That’s not a great place to be. We need more people to discuss the cause rather than the people. People will come and go, what remains finally? The cause.


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