make your customer happy!

So when I have meetings in town I make it a point to go to this sev puri wala at Mittal Court opp State Bank of India Bhavan. I have been there a 3-4 times. I usually have a sev puri or bhel and it costs 25 bucks. This is enough to tide me over a 2 hr drive home.

So typically after I have the main thing – the sev puri, I ask for a kind of palette cleanser – sukha bhel which is a mix of kurmura (puffed rice), yellow fine sev and masala. So the first time I eat there, the bhaiya ji or vendor gives me the regular sukha bhel. The second time I go there, he adds boiled aaloo or potato to it. The third time, he adds aaloo and crushed sukha puri. I am happy. That’s building customer loyalty. There is a sandwich wala next to him, but I don’t go there.

Learn to gratify your customers. The non-mba, non-english speaking, bhaiya ji, who makes perhaps 10,000 bucks a day, surely does. He applies the simplest rule. Re-invest back into the customer. Some thing free, that too from his core service. He does not give a lollipop free because it won’t eat into his main business or think of not giving the sukha bhel thinking the woman can eat one more bhel. Why kill her hunger. He give me that extra something, that makes me happy. And keeps me loyal.

He does something that big corporate take for granted – making the customer happy.


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