love chaos?

There are people who love chaos. Because that’s unstable, because it provides security to them. And then there are those who love chaos, simply because they can bring order to it. They can see that light through all the loops and complex twists. And they know how something seemingly chaotic can be simplified.

Try belonging in the former category because that will always mean you will have a job. How can the organisation do without a person who is the only one who knows how to work in chaos.

Those in the second category, grow a thick skin, steel spine and hard heart. Because you are going where no employee loves to go. You are setting up processes. And thus you are making yourself redundant. If you love doing this, you better make sure you are in a company that loves you for it and treats you special.

Any other organisation will, at the first spark of trouble, show you the door. Why? Because you have set the process, the work will happen without you. So you are not needed. So choose wisely.


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