may lightening fall on you!

Few wishes you can wish upon those who are mean to you. These are better than curse words. Although there’s nothing like cursing in your mother tongue. You get that feeling of power when you say it. But that feeling lasts for a short period. Like in Kashmiri I would say – Payee trath (may lightening fall on you). The English one has no power. These wishes have kind of evil longevity to it. Hope you enjoy wishing these :

  1. may you have to pee but you can’t for hours and hours and hours.
  2. may you run out of toilet paper and water when you are in potty mode
  3. may you accidentally send a bitchy text about your boss/spouse to your boss/spouse
  4. may you walk into wet dog poo when you are wearing open toed shoes
  5. may you be walking below a window and someone spit out a paan spit right on you.
  6. may you lose your car keys when you are in a strange place and all your phone/wallet/money is locked in the car
  7. may you get a flat tire when you are on the way to that very important thing
  8. may you misplace your phone when it’s in silent mode
  9. may all the shampoo/oil spill inside your suitcase when you are on a holiday
  10. last one – may you lose all your data on your phone/pc, and the back up as well.

🙂 🙂


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