words have energies too…

Space, physical structures can be influenced by the energies that they hold. Have you ever walked into a house, an empty house, and you feel it’s a happy house, even though there are no people there? Or come across a person, who you have never interacted with ever, but you feel positively towards them. I don’t know if this is mystical or magical, or godly.

People, things emanate energies, vibes, vibrations and we can feel that. Our bodies respond physically to such vibrations. Of course our logic plays a role as well in processing the stimuli. Words have vibrations too, thus creates energy. So does sound. Good sound energises. Bad sound can depress. And this is hanging there in space or getting absorbed by your surroundings.

So watch what you say. Because saying crap does not end once you have said it. It hangs around you. And you don’t want to be cloaked in negativity.


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