Love you till i need you

Do people in your life have an agenda? Sure. Do they keep you in their lives for a specific reason? Sure. Do they do this deliberately? Yes and no. Sometimes it’s what they have learnt to do. What they themselves have gone through. Sometimes they just do things unconsciously, because it’s their nature to do stupid shit to other people.

You on the other hand, become a fly in someone else’s emotional web.  People will tell you about their nature and who they really are much in advance. They will give you little signs, about their true nature, many many times. But one does not listen to or acknowledges those signs and writes it down to – he or she does not mean that. These are little warnings that people don’t heed for the fear of thinking bad about the other person. How can this person be like this, your mind tells you. And you put it down to something you mis-interpreted.

And when you don’t heed the little warning signs, you find yourself at the end of some complex emotional bricks yourself. Hurtling towards you and giving you no time to duck. You question yourself, how did this happen? And the answer is. It was happening every time and you did not pay attention.  Perhaps because of your own insecurities of losing someone,  that you don’t call on their incorrect behaviour. The fear of being alone many a times is the trouble maker.

What happens to us and what company we keep is also a reflection of our inner state. And that’s why it’s very important to internalise, be quiet and delete all the noise making things and people around you. It will help in focussing on things that are right for you.


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