how do you know if the candidate is lying about his experience?

One of the crucial things, that a business head has to do, is recruit. Sometimes, nearly 30-40% of his or her time, is spent on human resources related matters. And out of this, recruiting people takes up a significant chunk of time.

So if you lead a business, you would need to hire people who can independently carry out the tasks assigned to them. A primary tool to gauge this is the experience  the candidate has. An impressively written resume feels great to read. But how do you know what’s real and what’s not? One way.

Check on their ability to solve problems? And that too problem solving on multiple levels. The best way to know if someone has done what they claim to have done is to ask them about the problems they faced.

Those who have really done all the things that they have written about, would have faced truckloads of problems, issues. And these folks will be able to rattle it off in one breath. Like a superfast express. They will tell you precisely what the issues were, like dots on a map and how they tackled it, connected the dots and reached the goal post.

Those who have trouble sharing this, they could 1) feel, its a sign of weakness to share that he or she faced problems 2) really did not do what they claim to have done. Either way, you need to use some other metrics to check if his experiences are real.


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