capitalism is good, people who drive it make it bad.

I love the idea of business and what it can do for a country, for a person. I believe capitalism is good. It’s intent is what is misused. I believe that Foreign Direct Investment is good if it comes in infrastructure, education, in areas that can create manufacturing activity. I believe FDI in retail is a death knell for 5-7 crore people in India and many will be driven to mass unemployment and suicides, if they are not reskilled or an alternative source of employment is not found for them. I don’t believe in subsidies for perpetuity except to tide an industry or people or group of people over their current problems.

I believe in investing in tools and technology and ideology that helps individuals become economically independent. I believe in a socialist form of governance to get a deprived section of our society out of its deprivation. But even then, the recipients need to be encouraged to stand on their own two feet and slowly move out of doles, subsidies or whatever you may wish to call it.

I believe in using technology to build transparency in governance not to create more layers of bureaucracy and as a tool to keep people in control. A country like India with a vast population being poor and uneducated, needs someone like a parent that will teach it to stand on its own two feet. I come back to that single decision making power that can move things quickly. Collusion based and coalition based governance cannot function and cannot take this country to the greatness that it can go to.

I believe that capitalism used in the right way can help us own patents, create better companies than Infosys, create an environment for creativity and thought leaders. We can build a better India when young India is independent, educated and evolved. This needs zeal and spirit. And nothing builds more zeal than the power to grow, to build, to become entrepreneurial whether it be for self or to create things that our country can use.


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