Cheesy Sev Puri Sandwich


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This is ‪‎cheese ‪‎sevpuri ‪‎sandwich, a top seller at‪ ‎gupta chat centre, for Rs 70. It’s a combination of a sandwich and sev puri. Not very spicy, mostly sweetish. The cheese is grated on the top of the sandwich. It was interesting to eat. Only if the cheese was inside the sandwich and then toasted, it would have seriously heightened the ‪‎flavour. Plus maybe more sandwichy stuff like onions and tomato.

I asked the owner, Vijay Gupta, how did he concoct this idea? He said, one day i thought why not make a combo of sandwich and sev puri. Yeah why not! There is cheese ‪‎bhel and ‪‎nutella ‪‎pizza too on the ‪‎menu. I asked him, how does he think of these things. He said, “People sell anything and make ‪‎money. But if you can give interesting things, more flavour etc to the customer, then it feels better to take their money”.‪‎ Innovation is key, everywhere!

Vijay Gupta’s father came to ‪‎mumbai in 1965 from ‪‎Banaras. Amongst many odd jobs, he use to sell ‪‎roasted ‪‎corn on the cob or ‪‎butta as its locally called. “I learned ‪‎cooking from my ‪‎father,” Vijay says. I cook better than my wife. My kids wait for me to cook, he laughs. He started selling sevpuri on a street stall in 1995 in ‪‎matunga. Then moved to a small ‪‎garage in a lane somewhere. Few years back he moved to a proper ‪‎brick and mortar ‪‎store.

Business seems to be doing quite well. Cash, cash, lots of cash. Thus gupta chat centre, right ‪‎outside matunga east ‪‎railway station. Its brightly lit so can’t be missed.



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