Kapoor and Sons

A ‪‎Dharma Production‬ or ‪‎Karan Johar‬ movie means eye candy. And surely there was lots of it. I speak of the amazing picturesque beauty of ‪‎Coonoor‬, in which Kapoor and Sons‬ (K&S) is set in. The cinematography done by Jeffery F. Bierman, makes you want to go to Coonoor. As with all movies from dharma, this movie is about family too, about being in it and away from it. But here the story digs a little deeper into the complexities of personal relationships.

That families ‘are’ a messy affair. That we all have skeletons in our closets (no pun) and family is about accepting those skeletons. Albeit with lots of screaming or silence. But finally it’s about grudging acceptance. Flesh matters more than what it does or desires. And that’s the beauty about blood. It accepts. And that family members are people first. And people make mistakes. So one has a choice. Do you hold on to the mistake or a difference or the person?

This movie makes you introspect, just a little bit. The script is very conversational, fluid, funny at places, stilted at some. Rishi Kapoor‬ is doing some fantastic work, has some great lines, but for a 90 year old guy, has too much prosthetics on. ‪‎Fawad Khan‬ is one hottie. I thought there a little too much rouge. A guy can’t have that skin tone? An amazing performance. ‪‎Sidharth Malhotra‬ by comparison had a less than tighter role, a little flat. ‪‎Alia Bhat‬, was so pretty, flippant and yuppy, just like her ads. Her character could have been made a little more matured and serious.

The chemistry between family members is well developed. Although the story line in the second half is much better. If the tempo could have been maintained throughout, the movie would have been a ‘wow’. The movie should have started with lovey dovey scene and not friction. And then the skeletons could have started falling out one by one. Good family not so good eh! The dirt is yummier then. And getting back together so much more wonderful. Good, bad, ugly, bad, good. Tempo!

The movie is about a family staying together despite its differences, and in that sense, it pushes the right emotional buttons. Although, you won’t come out stumped, it’s a one time watch atleast.


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