Know your mess

Knowing your mess or what is the level of the mess you live in or are in is the first step towards fixing it. We have all kinds of things in our house, not because we need it, but because we have space for it. I have things from a decade back, because I think I will use it when I do a specific thing or reach a target etc. And yet in the back of my mind, the long loop of why I am holding onto this something is not making sense to me.

A while back I got my family to give up a lot of things that I thought we can do without and someone else can use it. And every time I have cleaned up or reduced the mess or clutter, I have found something that I can use. Last time I found a packet containing about Rs 4,500 stuck inside an envelope that was inside another bundle of papers that was inside another envelope.

And that’s the reason why you should know your mess. Or you should know the status of things in your life. Not to fix it always, but atleast to know, how not to repeat a mistake or perhaps what if any could you salvage from that mess.

Financial freedom is few ruppees at a time. Every time you evaluate where you are at a point in your life, you will be in better control of it. Not that you won’t be in a mess, but that you will know exactly what your mess is all about. And that knowledge itself is the first step towards freedom.


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