Creative Destruction

There is something called ‘creative destruction’. Where an organism is destroyed or bought to its knees, just so that it can claw its way back up. When the survival instincts kick in, one does what ‘needs’ to, and not one ‘wants’ to, to get back into the game. If the organism gets this, and can see the original flaws, it begins to start repairing what has been ruptured and what caused it to fall. And if indeed it does so, it emerges much more stronger than before.

Creative destruction, is sometimes self applied, sometimes the universe, takes it upon itself to do it for you. Many a times, businesses survive not because their growth is linear. But because they continuously self destruct and relook at things internally to attack external variables and to protect itself against the offensive onslaught. There is a sort of continuous evolution.

How is this creative destruction? Imagine something that functions fabulously, what do you do? Hang on to it forever? Nope, you come out with better and more better versions, thus creatively destroying the original fabulous thing. That’s creatively destroying oneself. If one has to grow, strengthen, very very important to keep the process of creative destruction’ on. 


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