Life is like a swimming pool

Life is a series of acts, live in front of an unforgiving audience, where there is no time to rehearse. It’s like a swimming pool with no teacher or lifeguard and the only person who can teach you to swim is yourself. And you can learn great lessons from those who are either drowning around you or staying afloat.


Don’t get sucked!

There is that story when a pet python cuddles up to its owner and refuses to eat. The owner after much failed effort to feed it, takes that snake to a vet. The vet after careful examination and questions offers this diagnosis to the owner – the snake was not cuddling, the snake was sizing the owner up to see how long it will take the snake to digest him. That’s why he did not eat. The owner was like a buffet meal!

Many so called friends hang around you, engage with you, only to exploit you and your abilities. One has to be very careful about people like one in the story. They do exist. And their only aim is to build their life by sucking out yours!

The Family Photo

Pictures tell such wonderful stories. Especially your ‘family’ photo. Lots can be read about one’s interpersonal relationships with those in the pix by the sheer photo composition, body language etc. You may be telling a fabulous story about your life to people. But your pictures tell your reality. 🙂  The one that you acknowledge only in private or perhaps dare not, even to yourself or that which you are completely unaware of!

Language is used to exclude

Language in India is used to exclude, as a political tool. Not to improve communication. Try getting your work done in a language that you don’t speak or can’t read or write. Not possible, easily.

By demanding all government paperwork needs knowledge of local language, a fantastic layer of brokers and facilitators is created who increase costs.

Simplify and people in power will lose huge sources of revenue!


The thing about money is that its an enabler. It does define your networth, but not your selfworth. Its the worst tool to judge a person’s character. A fool without money is a poor fool. A fool with money is a richer fool, but a fool nonetheless. Money does not change a person’s character, it enhances it.