How much do you save on tea?

Garbage served to employees in the name of coffee and cost efficiency. How much do companies really save by serving machine made flavourless stuff? When you add back the social costs, the time lost in going to the tupri to get a cutting, the loss due to dissatistfaction one feels after drinking this, the sense of disloyalty that enters the mind when a company where you slog for 8 hours can’t even offer you one good cup of tea or two, what is really saved in costs? Not much. But what you can’t see you don’t bother about. What you can see is, an extremely cheap cup of coffee. That’s saving cash. And it does not matter that it’s destroying value.


We all die every day.

We all die every day. Its the choices that we make every day that define those little deaths. Our destinies may not be in our control, but surely our reaction to them, are.

Our life, whether it brings us hope, or destroys us, is incumbent upon how we react to her. She (our life), I suppose, is waiting for us to move. We and our demons decide, if we wish to move ahead or step back.

We all are waiting to exhale, that one breath of absolute peace, in our own way, in our own small worlds. She is there to give us that chance to exhale, its our spiritual blindness that stops us from seeing. Death is not something to fear. Giving up hope is.


Timtimate tare mere ghar ke raah par,
dekh kar man bhar aaya iss diwali ko dekhkar.
Khayee humne khoob saari,
meethi doodh aur mithai.
Gharwalon aur doston ke saath,
baithe ghanto baat karte,
khate-peete, haste hasate.
Phir unki bhi yaad aayee,
joh saath na the hamare,
man bola, mat ho dukhi,
unki yaadein toh hai saath tumhare.
Raat ko phir aayee,
ronakh Diwali ki,
dil phir bhar aayaa khushi se,
iss Diwali ko dekhkar.